Green Mango farm is a permaculture center and homestay in Luang Prabang. It hosts some of Eco Asia's education activities. 

Green Mango Farm is based in Luang Prabang, Laos, world UNESCO heritage site.  

The center is running an permaculture farm park, provides educational services and proposes recreative activities for local guests and foreigners.


Accommodation is provided in a shared dormitory and camping space area. 

The center is offering permaculture hands on trainingscourses in Permaculture Design and experiential farm and sustainability tours. 

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The center includes a main farm and living house and a 3 doubles bed dormitory (capacity of 4-8 people) that are surrounded by luxurious tropical vegetation mountains, a sports ground and 2 hectares of farm land. 
This includes: 
  • A kitchen community garden
  • Herbs and medicinal gardens
  • A market garden
  • A semi-commercial chicken farm
  • A large pond for aquaculture purposes
  • A small plant nursery for vegetables and trees
  • Large tropical fruit plantations 
The farm is producing mostly seasonal vegetables, fruits and up-cycled protein foods from organic waste streams in town.
The produce is used primary for the center and surplus is sold to restaurants in town or to our partnering project Mekong Coop, the first cooperative organic sales platform in Luang Prabang. 
The center is a community based project. Living and working on site together 3-10 people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. 
The main language is English. But we speak Laotian, French, German and Chinese.
We are welcoming visitors to our Farm stay and for several tours, workshops and trainings.
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We also welcome students or young graduates from sustainability related fields (permaculture, agro-ecology, environmental preservation, green web marketing...) to practice within our projects and with the potential of future partnerships and ways of collaboration. 
To know more about our internships and volunteer opportunities click here.  

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