A unique place to experience self sufficiency


Mekong Eden farm is a unique place to stay and experience self-sufficient farming lifestyle.


Mekong Eden Farm is a great place to get away from the touristic crowd. It's only 40 mins traveling by boat. You will arrive in totally different atmosphere surrounding by lush green jungle, tropical vegetation, mountainous landscapes and surrounded by the Mekong River and the local fishing community.


It's an ideal place to be connected with nature, to retreat, solitude, organic farm & food enthusiasts, rejuvenation, primitive way of living, or a romantic get away.


Nestled among 4 hectares, the footpaths through the ecologically planned gardens are surrounded and bordered by majestic cliffs and mountains as well as the mighty Mekong River.


And while the remote location and the nature are the main attractions at Mekong Eden, you will also be sure to rest in clean and comfortable accommodations, designed to maximize sunset views from every corner.


Our main house is elevated above a dining area with hammocks for lounging and features two bedrooms above. the building was thoughtfully designed and built from mostly natural materials. Our house concept is minimal energy use and zero impact to the environment for people who like to experience living harmony with nature, but we provide for you drinking water, solar lights, battery for phone charger, running tap water supply in the bathroom and shower room.

It really is "off-grid" and a very unique place located 12 km downstream of the Mekong River from main town of Luang Prabang. Thus it takes some logistical planning in advance.


We are happy to make all arrangements for you including transport costs and housing.

We will provide local authentic food made from our garden and fresh organic ingredients for you from our jungle kitchenwe will provide free boat crossing for you and you also can explore around to experience our authentic rural Lao Loum village.

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Permaculture Education Center

Pongvane Village