ECOASIA is the dream of connecting people and Nature, by providing a unique web based ecological, educational & social platform that improves the visibility and provides access to a large network of partnering projects in the fields of sustainability.

On the website you will find informations about quality trainings, courses ,internship programs and ecotourism initiatives that protect people and Nature. 


With the uprising climate, economic and social crisis, the demand for sustainable solutions is steadily increasing.


It's now time to connect people, businesses, technology and policy makers, activists and NGO's to work side by side, to uplift solutions to a higher scale. 



We are preparing the next generation of earth and people care takers and leaders that will move us into a more sustainable future and by showcasing the growing number of sustainability projects & green innovations. 

The project is grounded at the Green Mango Farm and Education Center, based in Luang Prabang Laos, PDR. 

Founded by Ben Patrick in 2018, the idea was to build up an online platform to facilitate and support ecotourism and sustainability initiatives through South East Asia.

ECOASIA also initiated the 1$ 1Tree Action in order to contribute to reforestation and alternative land management practices to slash and burn agriculture.    

Our programs are facilitating cultural and linguistic exchange between local habitants, foreign students and guests and we are supporting several initiatives through our programs.

To know more about our partnering projects click here. 

We are also building out a large network to neighboring countries and partnering projects (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam...).


Please contact us if you would like to partner and to get your project or business active on our website. 

ECOASIA is also offering permaculture consultancy services and ecological concept designs for tropical climates and abroad. For more information please contact us and take a look to our project portfolio.

Geoff Lawton, international permaculture consultant with his students on the field, Australia
Ben Patrick, Permaculture Design Course, Bong Wan Eco Center, Luang Prabang

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